Dremel Multi-Tool: List of Dremel Tools & Their Uses

Dremel multi-tool is portable rotary tools that fit perfectly into your hands. The Dremel multi-tool is a versatile tool that works with other accessories and tool bits to perform the various feat of jobs.

What is a Dremel tool bit?

A Dremel tool bit is attached to a Dremel rotary tool to change its function and make it versatile in performing various things. All you need to do is connect it to your Dremel rotary tool and get to work.

Dremel Multi Tools and their uses

Here’s a list that covers the commonly used Dremel multi Tools and how they are used.

Sanding Tools

Dremel tools are mainly known for their sanding use. They sand down various surfaces, and with the right Dremel tool in hand, you can sand down and smoothen woods. Not only woods but plexiglass, clay, fiberglass, etc.

Sanding bits for Dremel tools come in two different kinds. The discs and the drums.

The discs are attached to the end of the Dremel tool for sanding down materials to their precise details or size.

The drums, on the other hand, are attached to the end of the Dremel tool before a band is added to it. The band does the sanding down job while the drum holds the band to the Dremel tool.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to sand down wood, fiberglass, or clay, the discs and the drums will ensure that you get a smooth sanding.

Also, note this. If you are sanding a large surface area, use a drum bit sanding tool. If you’re going for more style and precision, go for the disc bit sanding tool.

Next on the list are the Cutting Tools.

Cutting Tools

Cutting is one of the lesser-known features of Dremel multi-tools. They entirely cut materials with their disc-shaped cutting tools. The cutting discs have gaps in between the teeth to ensure that each cut is precise.

From bulk cutting to bit cutting, Dremel tools will function as the best cutting tool you’ve ever used.

Cutting discs for Dremel tool cut through wood, tile, fiberglass, aluminum, and thin metal.

Etching and Engraving Tools

When it comes to etching, carving, engraving, or a little general decoration, you can trust Dremel multi-tool for it. They are small and made for precision, as well as for decoration.

Some Dremel tool bits come with a diamond-tipped head for engraving glasswork, the rest can also be used for engraving, etching, and carving various materials, from wood to metal.

Routing and Drilling Tools

You’ve got sanding, cutting, engraving, etching, and all of those, and you’re like, “Wow, this is versatile!” That’s not all it does as it can also be used to route and drill into thin metal, plastic, and woods.

There are various routing and drilling bits to make use of when you need to route or drill a material.

Grinding and Sharpening Tools

Dremel tools also help in grinding or sharpening metals that have rusted or blades that need sharpening. There’s also a wide array of grinding and sharpening tools to choose from.

The two tools that fall under the grinding and sharpening category are the grinding stones and the grinding wheels.

The grinding stones are made from aluminum oxide or silicon carbide and come in cylindrical shapes to grind profiles and sharpen blades.

The grinding wheels are made from aluminum oxide and come in disc shapes to help remove rust from metal surfaces

There you have it, Dremel multi-tool and their uses.

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